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    • society: oh you have your period? well you have two options.
    • woman: okay.
    • society: you can use sanitary pads, which make you feel like you are wearing a diaper, and have the added fun benefit of being extremely uncomfortable and give you the extreme paranoia that they will not be enough coverage and at any moment with any movement or sudden sneeze you'll bleed over onto your clothes and walk around all day with blood stained trousers while everyone points and laughs at you.
    • woman: sounds awful. what's my second option.
    • society: a penis shaped wad of cotton that you shove uncomfortably inside yourself and it catches the blood before it leaves your body.
    • woman: still seems pretty awful.
    • society: wait! it gets better! there's the outside chance that using those will kill you!
    • woman: well, are they at least free? like how men can have access to free condoms? i mean, it's not like i'm choosing for this to happen.
    • society: HAHAHA! that's funny. no, you have to pay for them. and they're really fucking expensive.
    • woman:
    • society: oh, and if you tell anyone that you ARE on your period, your judgement, opinions, and reactions are going to be dismissed as the crazy ramblings of a lunatic.
    • woman:
    • society:
    • woman: i think i'll go with my third option.
    • society:
    • woman:
    • society: what third option?
    • woman: i think i'll bleed on everything you love.
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    "When I was about 20 years old, I met an old pastor’s wife who told me that when she was young and had her first child, she didn’t believe in striking children, although spanking kids with a switch pulled from a tree was standard punishment at the time. But one day, when her son was four or five, he did something that she felt warranted a spanking–the first in his life. She told him that he would have to go outside himself and find a switch for her to hit him with.

    The boy was gone a long time. And when he came back in, he was crying. He said to her, “Mama, I couldn’t find a switch, but here’s a rock that you can throw at me.”

    All of a sudden the mother understood how the situation felt from the child’s point of view: that if my mother wants to hurt me, then it makes no difference what she does it with; she might as well do it with a stone.

    And the mother took the boy into her lap and they both cried. Then she laid the rock on a shelf in the kitchen to remind herself forever: never violence. And that is something I think everyone should keep in mind. Because if violence begins in the nursery one can raise children into violence.”

    Astrid Lindgren, author of Pippi Longstocking, 1978 Peace Prize Acceptance Speech (via creatingaquietmind)

    (Source: jillymomcraftypants, via strandedinmymind)

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